Meadowbrook Farmhouse Ale

Meadowbrook Farmhouse Ale is our Spring seasonal. Brewed in the rural French Saison style, this is one amazing beer. Kevin really hit it out of the park when he created this one! Brewed with white wheat, Meadowbrook is slightly spicy from the Saaz hops, with a suggestion of banana from the yeast and brewing process. Other flavors we pick out are a slight tartness, grassy and musty, all typical for a farmhouse ale. Meadowbrook is the perfect spring beer, and pairs perfectly with Thai mussels, and warm brie with whole wheat crackers.

In the French tradition, the beer is brewed, hoisted up to the second floor, and fermented with whatever wild yeasts exist in the local area. That’s a little out of control for us, so we use a yeast bred to mimic those flavors.

ABV 7.0%   IBU: 15

Meadowbrook is available from February through April