Brewfests and Other Events Away from the Brewery

Want FREE admission to a brewfest?

Attention Falls Guys and Gals:
Do you go to beer festivals like the ones listed below? 
Do you want to save the $20 or $30 you spend on entry fees?
Would you just love to get to know Dave, Danny or John better?
Well, here’s your opportunity! 
We trying to build a list of folks who would like to attend beer festivals for FREE in exchange for a shift pouring for the other attendees. Usually the shifts last 4 hours. After you are done pouring or on a different day, we will give you a free pass to the event. Plus, we’ll flip you a Tee shirt, buy you lunch or dinner, and pay any parking. 
The beauty of this idea is that you get to see first hand what the back end of a beer festival is like and bask in the glamor and excitement of helping beer lovers have a great time.
To get included in notifications of upcoming beer festivals, just email Dave at and tell him to put you on the list!


Here is the list of Brewfest and other events we’ll attend which are away from the Brewery.


 February 23 is Hops & Props

  March 12th is Spreefest

  April 19th & 20th is Seattle Scotch and Beer