Summer Beer


This beer is crisp, clean, refreshing, and hoppy. Summer Beer is a pre-Prohibition Pilsner fermented with our ale yeast to impart more character to the beer compared to lager yeast. A small amount of flaked maize and lots of Czech Saaz hops give this beer a spicy herbal aroma and a dry finish. Great with meals or by itself during our warm summer months. Available May – August 

Now, you know we tweak our seasonal beers every year so you might be asking what we did to Summer Beer this year. Well, our brewers Rande and Kevin put their heads together and decided that it just might work if they upped the flavoring and aromatic hops by 20%. A pilot batch was run and they figured they’d clinched it. You’ll have to be your own judge, but the substantial increase in the Saaz hops brings forth this spiffy herbal spiciness. Rande proclaims this to be “The best Summer Beer yet”!

1.056 O.G. / 5.6% ABV / 32 IBU

Summer Beer goes wonderfully with the aroma of a freshly mowed lawn, roasted salted-in-shell peanuts, grilled pork chops with homemade apple sauce on the back porch, and sitting on the edge of the river with your feet dangling in the water at Three Forks Park in August! Remember, sometimes carpe diem just means enjoying our short but beautiful summers!

 Picture of Three Forks Park