Retired Beers

Retired Beers are beers we have made but no longer make. The general intention is that we will not make them again, but who knows?

Plant One Powerhouse

Plant 1 Powerhouse Tap Sticker

A double IPA, Powerhouse was named for the first underground generator in the world. Alas, interest flagged, so we turned it off in 2018.
From when dirt was formed until 4/1/18

Incredibly well balanced, Copperhead Pale Ale first grabbed your attention with the great aroma of Washington Centennial hops, followed by toasty malt flavors from generous additions of imported light crystal malt, finally giving way to a clean, bright hop flavor. Deep gold in color, medium bodied and exceptionally clean, this American style pale ale has become a Northwest favorite.
ABV: 5.3%   OG: 1.058   IBUs: 32


20th Anniversary Imperial India Red Ale
11/1/17 – 4/1/18

Our 20th Anniversary Imperial India Red Ale was a robust India Red Ale, with a rich and malty flavor from Two Row and C75 malt, and the unique flavor and aroma of Mosaic Hops, suggesting pineapple and tangerine. Cheers!
60 IBU 8.5 % ABV
Spring Fever
The beginning of time – 2/1/17

Spring Fever was our standby Spring ale for many, many years. A marvelous concoction of  the finest Two-Row, Munich, Carastan and Belgian Aromatic malts, Columbus and Czech Saaz hops, spiced with coriander and fermented with authentic Belgian ale yeast. Orange hues, rich malt flavors, spicy coriander overtones and fruity, tropical aromas made this one beautiful beer for fans of Belgian styles. 


9/1/2014 – 12/31/2014

Zippy TapZippy Pint

Zippy! A Clear, High Gravity Wheat Ale made with Lemon Juice. Zippy features Czech Saaz Hops, an Abbey yeast and Lemon Juice. It is like a shandy or radler- beer mixed with lemonade- but with 25 IBUs and 7.2 ABV, it is in a class all by itself.

How did Zippy get it’s name? Well, that is a bit of a shaggy tail wagging the dog story. Owner Dave Eiffert misspent some of his youth reading underground comix, and really took a cotton to Bill Griffith’s Zippy the Pinhead cartoon series. One very early morning Dave decided to try to contact Bill to ask permission to use the image above. Bill replied very quickly to Dave. “Yes you may” he said. Elation! “But it’ll cost you” he said. Dejection! “It’ll cost you a couple of six packs”, he added. Back to elation! So while our artist began work on changing the image to read “Are we having beer yet?”, Rande set out to build a beer that was zippy in nature and accurately reflected the randomness and non sequitur blitherings of a certain taper headed clown. We decided that a clear wheat beer fermented with an Abbey yeast was just the ticket, and then decided to add a healthy dose of lemon juice.




Baphomet TapHandle

Baphomet was the first of our Special Release series. It was originally going to be our 15th anniversary brew but we missed the timing for various reasons. The image is modeled on the 15th card on the Tarot deck, and we chose it because we needed something 15 related, and we figured calling it Quinceañera with an image of a 15 year old girl would be inappropriate, so we decided the only way to go would be to be even less appropriate with a pagan image of a naked torsoed goat headed woman. No, we are NOT devil worshipers! Here’s the skinny from the original sell sheet:

High Gravity, Imperial Red Ale
A Munich Malt base provided loads of mouthwatering malt character, and Crystal 75 gives Baphomet its bloody red hue. High alpha acid Bravo hops add to a wicked bite. The flavor is enough to make your head spin, but you won’t be needing an exorcist.
O.G. 1.080
8.3% ABV
80 IBUs


Louis Quatorze

~ 11/1/2011 – 3/30/2012

Louis Quatorze

Louis Quatorze’s image was loosely modeled on Louis the 14th, because that was before photographs (and even the internets). Here the specs for you:

We created this imperial stout to celebrate our 14th year of making some of the finest beers in the Northwest.  This brew is as dark as a moonless night.  The nose and flavors are reminiscent of espresso, dark European chocolate, and black licorice.  Your palate will note the rich, decadent mouthfeel but without being thick and cloying, with a dry-ish finish.  Truly a stout worthy of royalty!
8.6% ABV
1.090 O.G. (22.5 Plato)
IBUs 60


~ 10/1/2010 to 3/30/2011


This little concoction was brewed to celebrate out 13th anniversary. Those of you who are numerate and up on your phobias know that Triskaidekaphobia means “fear of the number 13”. After we’d done the design, owner LeRoy suggested that we should have named it Triskaidekaphilia, meaning “love of the number 13”, and I agree, but it was too late. Here are the details:

Reminiscent of the Millennium Madness we created 10 years ago, Triskaidekaphobia is a great balance of crips, clean malt, lemony hops and spice. Unfiltered but clear to the eye, Trisky is made from 100% German pilsner malt, Belgian candi sugar, 100% Czech Saaz hops, and Belgial ale yeast.
O.G. 1.080
ABV 8.6%
36 IBUs


Mad Russian Imperial Stout

Mad Russian Label

Most details are lost to the ages, alas! Rumor had it that the image was a compilation of Alan Moen and Owner Pat. Here is the original text:

O.G. 1.090
ABV    9%
IBU      48
Malts: U.S. 2-Row, Belgian Special B, U.K. Chocolate, U.S. Roast Barley
Hops: Columbus (bittering), Styrian Golding (finishing)
Flavor: Big bodied, rich and smooth with much licorice and prunes amid all the sweet pillowy maltiness. Well matured with over 4 months cellaring.


Millennium Madness Belgian Tripel
The year 2000

Millennium Madness
Remember when we were going to click over an even 2000 years A.D. and everyone decided that some horrible computer glitch was going to shut down the entire developed world, so people were withdrawing their life savings and buying Krugerrands, and stockpiling pallets of bottled water and toilet paper? OOH! Scary! So, we brewed up this little number, put it into 100 Jeroboams and had Brewmaster Rande Reed sign each one. Owner David, who is quite the jokester, gave me a mounted label set with the number 666 on it. There are rumors that a couple of bottles of this are still out there. Can anyone confirm that? Here is the description:

Our brewmaster has created a unique brew, which offers a complex nose with hints of oranges and herbal spiciness, backed up by a velvety smooth malt character, all of which should make the madness of the long-dreaded new Millennium much more enjoyable.