Perfectly Great Amber (PGA)

 PGA_Tap_ArtPGA Pint

PGA (Perfectly Great Amber) is a marvelous, low alcohol “session” beer that’s easy to drink with medium body and just a touch of sweetness for perfect balance. PGA is great for the 19th hole (or any hole in between) or even when you’re just dreaming of those perfect days on the fairway. 

1.048 O.G. / 4.2% ABV / 25 IBU

PGA is available in 50 liter (13.2 gallon) and 7.75 gallon kegs, but if you buy or bring in a growler, cornie or any other container, we’ll be happy to fill it for you!

Because we named it strategically, it is a favorite at many golf clubs and even outsells some of those huge national pale industrial swills! 

Look for PGA at Aldarra Golf ClubMt. Si Golf Course, and many other fine golf links. And remember, if you don’t see it, you can ask your favorite golf course or watering hole to carry it!

PGA pairs wonderfully with rich, aromatic, spicy and smoked foods such as chili, BBQ ribs, grilled chicken, and beef.