Ghostwood Kolsch

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You can call it Ghostwood, or you can call it Eastside Sounders Supporters 405, or you can call it Schooner Zodiac, but you’ll always call it delicious! Enjoy our Kolsch at CenturyLink field at any Sounders FC home game. We got the prime location for the beer. It’s in the main beer garden in the north entrance.

Brewed in the likeness of a style unique to Cologne, Germany, where dozens of breweries produce light ales with tremendous drinkability, our Kolsch is brewed with nothing more than Pale Malt, a bit of wheat, and Spalt hops.

 O.G 1.046       A.B.V 5%      24 IBU

Our Kolsch is available in 50 liter (13.2 gallon) and 7.75 gallon kegs, but if you buy or bring in a growler, cornie or any other container, we’ll be happy to fill it for you! 

What to pair it with? Well even though the color and flavor are very light, the wheat grist adds some mouthfeel, so this beer is right at home with heartier dishes such as roast pork with herbed new potatoes or borscht.

Where does our Kolsch get its name? Well, that takes a little while to answer, because our Kolsch has a mild case of multiple personality disorder. As mentioned above, Kolsch in general means a light beer from Cologne, Germany. If you are a Twin Peaks fan, you probably already know that we make Ghostwood Kolsch, currently available at Snoqualmie Falls Brewing and Twede’s Cafe (AKA the RR Diner), and throughout Washington. We have Ghostwood Tees for sale, too! If you take a cruise on the Schooner Zodiac such as the San Juan Islands Brewery Cruise, you’ll see our Kolsch in bottles with a Schooner Zodiac Kolsch moniker. During soccer season, we also pour it as Eastside Supporters 405 Kolsch.  We hope to have it pouring at Centurylink Field next season! Sometimes you can even find reference to it as Little Si Kolsch, named after the Little Si mountain just north of Mt. Si.