Black Frog Nitro Stout

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Brewed in the spirit of classic Irish Stouts, our Snoqualmie Falls Irish Oatmeal Stout, known as Black Frog Stout, has many of the same ingredients, including un-malted roasted barley to give it that semi-acidic roasted tang. To be different, we then use chocolate malt to produce an espresso character and finally use the unique ingredient of rolled oats rather than flaked barley. When used in the mash the rolled oats produce a silky smooth mouth feel which, when combined with the special nitrogen pouring technique, gives this great stout its smooth texture.

If you’ve never had a beer poured on nitro, give it a try! It comes off the tap looking like it is all foam, but the fine, fine nitro bubbles soon begin to yield waves of beer falling from the top to the bottom in a completely hypnotic fashion. You can see them in the picture above.

1.056 O.G. / 4.8% ABV / 28 IBU

Black Frog Stout is available in 50 liter (13.2 gallon) and 7.75 gallon kegs, but even if you bring in a container or try to fill a keg, we won’t be willing to sell it to you! Beers poured on nitro need a special dispensing system, so the Taproom or an alehouse is pretty much the only places you’ll be able to get it.

What do you drink Snoqualmie’s Black Frog Stout with? Well, since your serving locations are limited, we suggest a bowl of our great Gumbo or a Pita and Hummus Platter!

How did Black Frog Stout get its name? Well way back in 1997 when we were just getting up and running, we launched a limited stock offering which was unsuccessful. Our first investor was a retired guy who went by the name Black Frog, and we told him that if he invested in the brewery we’d name a beer after him. Well, he still has his money, but his name lives on!