Axe Men


 Axe Men Cropped Label

This robust Red Ale, brewed with lots of Munich malt, has a lovely red color, super-silky body, and is toasty, rich and malty. We used Cascade hops for a pleasant citrus aroma and flavor. It finishes on the dry side, yet with a slight sweetness on the palate. Cheers!

                                         20 IBU

                                         7.5% ABV 

  • Axe Men’s rich maltiness and low IBUs make it a great alternative for Strong Ale lovers who need a break from hop overload.
  • It pairs excellently with grilled oysters and Brussels sprouts.

 We hope you enjoy our creation. It’s only around from May 1 through August 31st  4 months so get some while you can. Enjoy this great red ale.

Axe Men is brewed from Munich, C-75 and Pale Two-Row malts, bittered with Columbus and flavored with Cascade hop.