About Snoqualmie Falls Brewery

Our Start

Snoqualmie Falls Brewery is a small, private company located in historic downtown Snoqualmie, Wash.

Founders Pat Anderson, David McKibben, Dave Eiffert, LeRoy Gmazel and Tom Antone did not have the sense to know that you had to be crazy to start a brewery in 1997, when most of the rest of the world thought the craft brewing industry was going down the tube, so 20 years later, here we are.

We commenced brewing operations in our new craft brewery near Snoqualmie Falls on Dec. 20, 1997. Our original beers were formulated by Pat, and the initial batch of each was brewed by David, with Pat’s occasional assistance.  Of Pat’s original beers, only Wildcat IPA  remains today.

On Jan. 9, 1998, Rande Reed, formerly head brewer of Thomas Kemper and Pyramid, became head brewer at Snoqualmie Falls. Rande brought more than 12 years of experience to our brewery, and is responsible for the unfailingly consistent high quality of our beer.  Rande retired in the summer of 2018, and was succeeded by Kevin Gesell, who is assisted by John Gilroy and Rob Germakian. Our Taproom opened in April 2006, and was remodeled and expanded in 2011. Jeff Nelson is the Back of the House Manager, and Cameron Cottrell is the Front of the House Manager. In 2013, partner Dave Eiffert took over as Brewery Manager.

Summer, 2013 John and Denise Snow came on as our newest co-owners. John is instrumental in prettying up the joint and keeping things in running order.

New Years Day, 2018, Vojislav Kokeza (our landlord of many years) and Dalibor Marceta began the process of purchasing the brewery. On June 1, 2018, that purchase was completed.

Beginning in January, 2018, we began to revamp the kitchen by adding a grill and fryer, which allowed us to begin serving burgers and fries and fish & chips. Of course, that led to a complete menu revamp! Also during this time, we began updating the Taproom interior, adding our Beer Garden and painting a mural on the west side of the building.

Our Equipment

Our original brewery equipment was a 7 bbl system.  In September 2001, we purchased a 17.5 bbl system, which doubled our brewing capacity upon its installation in November of 2004.

We ferment in five 14 bbl open fermenters and two 17 bbl conical fermenters, and condition beer from the open fermenters in ten 7 bbl Grundies, with two additional 7 bbl Grundies used as bright tanks. We are able to produce up to 5,000 bbls a year on this equipment.  At the start, all product was draft for the local market. In June 2001, we acquired a little three-head bottle filler affectionately known as the “Little Princess.”  It was slow and more manual than automatic, but it let us sell bottles as well as draft!  In January 2008, we acquired a four-head Meheen, which vastly increased our bottling capacity.

The Taproom

We opened the Snoqualmie Taproom restaurant in 2006, and did a major expansion in 2011, vastly increasing the seating capacity from 48 to 180, and adding two new banquet rooms.

Where to Find Our Beer

Our products are now available in 22 oz bombers at the brewery and in an ever-increasing number of stores between Bellingham and Vancouver, Wash., as well as in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. Where can you find our beer? Follow this link to our most popular outlets: Where’s the Damn Beer? For more info about distribution, see our Brewery page.

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